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A true testimonial or as I like to say,....


  • "I always wanted to go to a life coach but I was scared. Let me explain...when people ask me what I'm passionate about I feared there was nothing. I knew I had interests but had fear of moving forward. After our session I immediately signed up for a stand up comedy class, something I always wanted to try but too scared to. I just finished my introductory stand up class last week and got onstage! I don't think I ever would have pushed forward had it not been for my time with Destiny. In fact, I'm not an actress or performer so I was unique out of my class. I just got offered a paid gig from that performance and I trust myself, my goals and even my writing is better!! Meeting with Destiny was the best thing I could have ever done for myself and I'm forever indebted to her!"

~ Courtney Evans

  • "I like to think of myself as quite a self-aware person with a deep knowledge of inner healing as I continue to find peace with life (on a fluctuating basis!) I’ve followed gurus, guides, self-help books and esoteric practices and just when I thought I had it mostly figured out I came across Destiny who has helped me travel even deeper within myself to find even more powerful answers that I’ve missed. With her natural insight, inherent “knowingness” and her personable approach to guide you to be your own guru, (or should I say "to be your own Destiny") she had me shedding many layers and guiding me to my truth and happiness. I’ve released many fears, doubts and old beliefs on everything from career, money to my own health. Our weekly meetings keep me sane and aligned with Destiny, literally!!"

~ C.S.C

  • "Destiny is such a great person to talk to about anything and everything and very good at not influencing her opinion on people. She just lets you answer your own questions. Sometimes you want someone to just tell you what to do but she does it the right way by letting you come up with your own answers she draws from you!!"

~ Morgan Johnson

  • “I truly believe that I manifested Destiny into my life to help me get to the life I’ve always wanted. She is possibly the most non-judgmental person I’ve ever met. She supports me unconditionally and allows me to speak freely. Thanks to her help and guidance, I feel as though I have gone through a huge transformation. I now live in a world where anything is possible. I feel brave enough to speak my l truth and free to do all the things that I want to do. She has also helped me release guilt and embrace all of me. I can’t imagine a day where I’ll no longer want her as my life coach. I always look forward to our session because I know that something amazing will come out of it!”

~ Maya Stojan

  • "Destiny is an extremely talented coach. Her sincere emotional intelligence and compassionate feminine energy make our sessions comfortable, safe and uplifting. She has the gift of listening and pulling out what the person can't see and then telling them in a soft, nurturing way that is easy to digest and allows the person to decide the best way to put it into action. After our sessions, I feel lighter more focused and connected to my true self. I highly recommend her for your personal or business needs."

~ Christian Shirm

  • "I just want to thank Destiny from the bottom of my heart for her coaching and intuitive guidance. By nature I am someone who can always offer advice and help others out of trying life situations but sometimes I find it hard to do that for myself. After just one session with Destiny I saw my life and habits changing in the most positive ways. She truly helped me realize that I am not only capable of achieving so much but she also helped me see myself in such a different and positive light again. The answers to what we are seeking are already in us and sometimes it just takes someone like Destiny to put us back on track with our own "destiny" .... Thank you again, Destiny, for helping me get back to putting my best foot forward and back to living my life to the fullest potential"

~Ashle-a Powell

  • "Destiny really helped me unlock some things that I was unaware of myself. Her intuition is keen and she helped me navigate through some uncertainties that I had. I am so thankful!"

~ Erica L.


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