Destiny Angel Program!

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Perhaps you are not ready for grief and loss "coaching" just yet (which usually is about forward movement and paving a path ahead), and that is ok.  You might still be in the beginning stages of your grief and the idea of tomorrow feels unbearable, debilitating, let alone discussing the possibilities of your "future".  You may not even be able to see the steps ahead, know where to turn, what to do.  You are in a fog.  Lost.  Beyond heartbroken and in disbelief.

I can relate deeply.  After my brother passed away, (and every time I type that, it still aches) I was not ready to face the "future".  Every minute of my day felt like hours.  I couldn't believe any of it was real.  The idea of my life without him was (is) so painful.  I couldn't even think of where "MY" life was going or yet to be.  It all came to a screeching halt.  Even well meaning friends and family would suggest he would want me to "be happy" and for me to continue on.... but I just couldn't.  I just needed to cry and cry.  Wail. To stare at pictures.  To stare at the wall and just try to wrap my brain around what the hell happened.  Day and Night, I was mourning.  That is where I was for quite some time before I could even begin to start opening up to the idea of "living my life".  It took me a long time of just crying, writing, journaling, sharing, seeking, hiking, walking, sleeping, drinking, reading any and all things of the afterlife, and well, just grieving...AND yet still. 

If this sounds like where you are at, you do not have to face it alone.  Which is why I offer the DESTINY ANGEL PROGRAM that provides companionship and friendship during this devastating time.  If you just need to cry, talk, text, go for a walk and/or share stories about your loved one, you might need a grief companion, a friend....a DESTINY ANGEL!

Someone who will: 

  • Offer unwavering support, encouragement, comfort, attentiveness, hope and gentle guidance by listening compassionately and with an open heart.
  • Allow the space for you to share your feelings freely and to grieve at your own pace and time.
  • Bear witness of your sadness, pain and sorrow with no judgement or trying to "fix" anything. 
  • Help you honor your loved one and cherish memories in a way that feels comfortable to you. 

A DESTINY ANGEL is there for YOU and can be available in person (if in Los Angeles area), by phone, web and/or text.  Click the button below to fill out the inquiry form and to find out more about pricing, packages and availability.