"I want to be that one in a million man,
Lord, help me be that one in a million man
that takes the time to change someone's day
And see the world how it really is"


Welcome to my brother's legacy page! 

JOSEPH MATRANGA born January 6th, 1977 - January 8th, 2011.  He left the earth suddenly two days after his birthday due to the rare disease, Aortic Dissection.  It was sudden, tragic and a shock.  The sentiment, GONE TOO SOON couldn't be truer.  He touched SO many lives, including my own, and was genuinely the most gentle, soulful, kind, intelligently funny, compassionate, loving, even keeled, talented, poetic and authentic SOUL. 

He changed his name professionally to JOSEPH TOBIN (Tobin being my mom's maiden name), which is how he was known musically. 

TO ME, HE IS JOSEPH...JOBO (the name I called him since we were babies) and my best friend, soulmate and singing partner.  My heart is forever broken since he passed.  This was the hardest pages (last page I did) for me to put up, yet the most important to me.  Never in a million years, would I have thought I would be creating a memorial page let alone grief coaching.  I have had to embrace my own DESTINY in my grief.  I wouldn't be here or on this new life path if it weren't for my brother, so this page is in his honor.  Everything I do in this lifetime is in dedication and honor of him!.   

 It means so much for me to continue my brother's DESTINY by sharing his heart and voice through his music! 

Thank you for visiting his page and I invite you to listen to his music below

and LET IT IN. 

He has three full albums:  THE ROGUE COLLECTIVE, JOSEPH TOBIN AND RIDE WITH ME.  Feel free to listen to all the songs as much as you like!  If you decide, you can purchase any of his albums or separate tracks if you click the cart icon or "BUY ALBUM."  It will take you to a third party site - CD BABY where his artist page is up and you can buy!  ANY album or track you purchase, a portion of the proceeds will be donated to a charitable organization close to my heart, visit my Donate With Destiny page to learn more!

The Rogue Collective is a collection of some of Joseph's last songs. 

After the tragic news, myself and some of Joseph's musical brothers and dearest friends came together to complete this album and continue his legacy.   

Joseph was furthering his talents in writing songs for other artists, so a few of these songs on this record have been performed by other artists, although written by him! 

You might even hear little ol' me on the backgrounds of "I Need Hope!  

JOSEPH TOBIN is a collection of some of his last unplugged & acoustic songs. 

A mixture of demos, writing sessions or unfinished songs, he pours his heart and soul in these songs.  You will feel his essence as you listen.    


ride with me,

Was his first album he recorded and released! 

Blends rock with reggae and a bit of folk for 10 incredible tracks. With his beautiful vocals and honest songs, this amazing album is timeless!!


All of Josephs albums are also available to stream on platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon.   If you would like a Physical CD of his album: RIDE WITH ME, please contact me directly here and we can arrange!