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maybe you want change, but not sure what...

  • or you know what, but not sure how...

  • you have goals, ideas, dreams and ambitions but afraid to take a step or not sure what step to take...

  • or you take a step, only to procrastinate or stop midway to be right back where you started, which often times feels like you are going in circles...

  • or maybe you have many "passions" and want to do it all, but feel all over the place and overwhelmed with all that is burning inside that you end up doing nothing at all...

  • maybe you just are looking to grow and have more meaning, depth, SOUL in your life but not quite sure what the means for you...

  • or maybe you are bored, feel stuck or just going through the motions of life, but know deep down you have more to give, do and be, yet frustrated you don't know what that is and unsure where to even begin...

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In fact, it is MORE than ok, it's a perfect place to be!!  I know it might not FEEL that way right now, but you are on the brink of creating all you desire, want to achieve and yet to become and YOU have a beautiful blank canvas to start from.  There is no better place to start than from exactly where you are!  It's your breeding ground.  Even if you are bored, frustrated or gripped with's ok, let it be your FUEL to ignite your inner drive to chart your Destiny...

ANNNDD.... that is where I come in!  Sometimes you just need guidance, counsel, support and further insight to help you UNCOVER, RECOVER and DISCOVER the truth of all you are and desire to be....and then stretch you to do, be and live it!  

So, co-create with destiny....literally...with ME!

As your "Destiny" Coach, I will help YOU!!

  • I don't just help you find a "step by step" action plan to achieve a set of goals, I work with you to get to the root of what it is calling you, the pushes and pulls of your soul and from THERE, make a plan!

  • I believe, when you get to the CORE, the essence of who you really are and what you truly desire in your life NOW, the transformations will be remarkable from the inside out.

  • I also believe, YOU have the answers, this is YOUR Destiny and it is my only intention to help you align with that to LIVE your life with purpose and fulfillment.

  • I PROMISE with this approach, you will have major breakthroughs, have CLARITY, feel CONFIDENT, INSPIRED, find COURAGE and so much more as you begin walking down the path YOU pave filling in the _______________ of YOUR DESTINY!

HERE IS AN IDEA OF HOW I WORK:  Keeping it simple, let's say you want to lose 10 pounds.  You go to the gym, maybe hire a personal trainer and are given a fitness regime to follow...and with hard work, you just might get there...BUT, it often times (based on true experience) doesn't last and you are right back where you started. WHY?  Because you didn't shift your mindset and get to the HEART of the matter.  A lot of times, it isn't so much about the action (there is definitely a place for that, stay with me) as it is about changing your thoughts and beliefs potentially holding you back, shifting perspectives, connecting to the truth of your desires and identifying your true values.  So, if you were to tell me you want to lose 10 pounds... BEFORE you even hire the personal trainer, (which could very well still be a plan of action) we might explore WHY you want to lose 10 pounds, how you want to FEEL by losing the weight, how you want to see your BEST self, what you might need to DO or BE to get there.  You might come to find you don't even like gyms, have always wanted to be a tennis professional, start taking lessons and end up getting in the best shape of your life.  Anything can happen!  This process will open up an entirely different understanding for you to consider.  THEN we set up an INSPIRED ACTION plan in which, I will hold you accountable to make sure you show up for YOURSELF and follow through!!  Your life WILL transform!  I have WITNESSED these type of breakthroughs with clients many times and I KNOW you will too.

Every situation is different and unique so YOU get to design your Destiny at the pace and style you want.  We can cover whatever area you want to focus on, spiritual, personal, professional, physical, financial and/or all the above. 

So, LET'S TALK to figure out what is best for you, if we are a good fit and how our work will evolve together.   Click button below to schedule a complimentary session to discuss! 

Below are my prices and packages to get started.  Just click on the image to learn more details or to purchase!  

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**If you are in a financial bind or trying to get back on your feet, please do not let MONEY hold you back from working with me. I have been there and know what it is like to want to invest in yourself but feel like you can't due to financial hardships and it can feel defeating. Please do not let that stop you! Let me know and if I can work something out with you, I WILL!

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