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Life, transition and LOSS coaching: 

There are many seasons of life stages that affect several areas of our lives, personal, professional, spiritual, emotional, financial, physical etc...  Sometimes they are joyful and other times heartbreaking.  Sometimes we are stirring for something new and longing for change, other times change comes unexpected and our destiny has thrown us way off our path.  New beginnings, transitions, endings and loss can be difficult, hard, scary and sometimes downright painful.  Our journey to living our "destiny" can challenge us in so many ways throughout our life…

maybe what you thought you always wanted you don't anymore,

or you are still trying to find your “life purpose”, or you feel stuck, lost or confused,

or you want change but unsure how,

maybe you are shifting careers,


or lost your job, starting a new one,

getting married,

going through a break up or divorce…


grieving the tragic death of someone you love. 

With all my heart, I can honestly say, I understand.  Although, everyone's story is uniquely their own, I have personally experienced all the above and then some... (you can read more about my story here).  

One thing is for sure, you may not be able to control everything that life presents you, but you CAN control how you respond, grow and shift, ultimately taking control of your Destiny, with purpose, hope and New meaning! 


i can help you..

  • I can help you EMBRACE where you are, where you are going, all that you are and yet to be.

  • I can help you connect to your TRUE self, heart's desires and deepest values to use them as your road map to your destiny.

  • I can help you gain clarity, deepen, stretch and open up to new possibilities, empowering choices and your creative juices.

  • I can help you navigate your way through struggles, challenges, heartache, loss and grief and discover potential meaning in them.

  • I can help you honor your loved ones that have passed and cherish the memories, by INCORPORATING them in your daily life, not by "trying to move on from them". (see specific grief coaching here or link below)

  • I can help you transition, transform and triumph.

  • I can help you live, change, manifest, realize, fulfill, embrace, discover, master, uncover, heed, forgive, be, do, dream, imagine, determine, decide or_______________ YOUR DESTINY!!! (you fill in the blank!)

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  • By reminding you of YOUR OWN inner guidance, YOUR OWN Truth and that you are your inner guru and the expert of YOUR life.

  • By encouraging you to identify, own and honor your desires, feelings, hopes, dreams, pains, struggles, tears and all and from THERE pivot to creating steps, plans and inspired action to get you where you would like to be.

  • By allowing for an open, compassionate, non-judgmental space for you to explore the depth of your soul at your own pace.

  • By listening, being present and offering my heart, my empathetic ear, innate intuition and compassionate soul to yours.

  • By asking you further clarifying, powerful, profound questions, using creative tools, heart storming exercises and though-provoking processes.

  • By prompting you to discover new modes of operating in your life and new perspectives to consider.

  • By determining your best course of action that feels right for you and by holding you accountable to it.

and that's just scratching the surface...

While, certainly the process of Life, Transition and Loss Coaching is different and tailored to the space of life you are in, the foundation is the same.  Which is, that YOU have the answers, this is YOUR Destiny, and it is my only intention to help you align with that to LIVE a purposeful, soulful life.

We can discover your own truth and light that will illuminate your path and open you up to the opportunities, blessings, healing and awakenings YOUR Destiny is calling you towards. 

I am here to support you, honor you, encourage you and help you create your new story, face your “new normal” and ______________YOUR Destiny!! (you fill in the blank). 

Life, transition and LOSS coaching SERVICES:  

I have THREE offerings that can help you move through the many seasons of your life.  Ultimately, it is all LIFE Coaching, which is about forward movement, but with the focus on either initiating change (LIFE), moving with an unexpected change that is happening or has already happened (TRANSITION) or grieving and mourning the death of someone you love to find hope and healing. (LOSS)

From personal experience, I am very sensitive to the fact that someone who is excited for life, seeking change, growth and new development has a different energy force than someone that has unexpectedly lost a job, left by a spouse or even more tragic, grieving the death of a loved one.   It is different, therefore, my coaching process and offerings cater to that.   

See below to find out more about each area of service I offer; LIFE, TRANSITION and LOSS to determine which one is right for YOU! 

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Life Coaching

Maybe you feel something stirring in you ready to make a change or you want to start a new direction, but unsure how.  You have dreams but aren't sure how to manifest them! You want more, are ready to grow, soar and reach your highest potential!

If you are seeking clarity, confidence and courage to take your life to the next level then click the button below to learn more about one-one-one LIFE coaching with me, and we can do it together! This is your time to fill in the  _________ of YOUR Destiny, and start living the life you were meant to live!

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Transition Coaching

Perhaps you are in a challenging life transition.  One foot in your past, one foot towards your future.  Maybe you lost your job, going through a breakup or divorce, or dealing with a forced change you weren't expecting.  You might be asking Why? How? What Next? You might feel like you are falling apart but I can help you land on your feet with your head held high!

If you are seeking to move past a heartache, obstacle or struggle and discover your new path, then click the button below to learn more about how we can position you to take CONTROL of your Destiny and transition your life to where you want to be!

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Loss Coaching 

Maybe your world has been turned upside down.  If you are in a dark night of your soul, trying to navigate your way through deep pain, heartache and grief from the death of someone you love, I can help you.  Together, we can find a process that works for you by acknowledging your pain, honoring your loved one, and incorporating your memories and grief in your daily life.  

If you are trying to find a way ahead without leaving your loved one behind, seeking support, trying to find a glimpse of healing and hope, I can help you embrace your destiny with a new found purpose and light.   Click below to learn more. 

Not quite ready for loss coaching?  Learn more about the DESTINY ANGEL PROGRAM by clicking here

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destiny angel program!


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