Hardships often prepare ordinary people for an extraordinary destiny

Hi! I'm Destiny!

Or should I say…I am YOUR Destiny?? … actually, No, YOU are YOUR Destiny…but I can most certainly help you on your journey.   I will trust Destiny brought you here…. and so happy it did! 

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So, let me start by telling you about... 


My parents named me Destiny after the song, ONLY YOU by The Platters.  I learned early on the power of the word and as I have lived my life, it has taken on a deeper meaning and understanding.  

My life has turned me upside down, sideways and inside out in ways I never saw coming.  I have risen, fallen, stumbled and gotten back up (not always in that order ha!)..  I have been through major life changes, spiritual awakenings, divorce, relationship endings, shattered dreams, job loss, career changes, childhood sexual abuse, (and those are just the highlights), but nothing brought me to my knees as that of the tragic and profound loss of my brother, Joseph.  That alone took me into a dark night of my soul of deep despair, sorrow, pain and heartache I have never known.   If I am being honest, It still hurts like hell and a daily struggle to deal with.

Yet, I have found ways to incorporate my grief and pain into my life to serve a greater purpose and move ahead...not on...with faith he is with me every step of the way!  (By the way, you can read more about my brother by visiting his legacy page here….)

Speaking of my brother, we both moved to Los Angeles for music.  I have sang my entire life and it was my dream to be a "famous singer"!  While I pursued my music career, I had successful "day" jobs in various industries from executive positions in the music business, fashion and makeup artistry.

Throughout my life, there has always been on thing consistent... no matter what job or creative pursuit I have had...I have always been the one people have turned to for higher insight, advice, guidance, support and counsel.   "You should be a therapist!"  "You are psychic!",  or "You are the only one who I can tell this to".  I have heard these type of sentiments my entire life...but sort of ignored the calling because I didn't want to "let go" of my desire to sing.... I somehow believed it was one or the other.  

Yet, in the midst of pursuing my "dreams", my life took so many twists and turns, it launched me further into a soul searching, soul seeking quest....and destiny. 

Following MY Destiny...

From as long as I can remember, I have felt deeply called towards exploring higher truths and expanding the soul.  I have studied many different philosophies, psychology, world religions, spirituality, metaphysical teachings, energy healing, wellness and holistic studies...and continue to do so.

That said, there wasn't a book or teaching in the world that could prepare or offer ultimate knowledge than that of my own grief, hardships and life experiences.  I had to live through it.  Move with it.  Embrace it. Through it all, I have grown exponentially, inside out, have found purpose in my challenges and have transformed my own Destiny....and it has transformed me!  Now, using my life as my greatest teacher, I have opened my heart to my soul's calling to live my DESTINY to the fullest of all that I am, by sharing my gifts, passions, talents and calling to serve others.  

I still sing. (in fact, sing my brother's songs!)

I still grieve.

I still soul search. 

I still try. 

I still hope. 

I still fall. 

I still get back up.

and I still WILL continue on to fulfilling my DESTINY and helping others fulfill theirs! 



I have come to know with certainty, we are not defined by what happens to us, but by what we choose to do with what life presents us.  I believe that ALL of our life experiences can offers ways of opening and stretching our hearts wider, deepen our capacity for love, compassion and forgiveness, give us new opportunities for growth and can awaken our soul to discover our authentic selves, honor those we love and have lost in profound ways and can transform our lives to a greater purpose with grace, humility, confidence, clarity, compassion and authenticity.  

living my destiny

With my spiritual foundation and commitment to serve, I have drawn from my strengths and experiences and have turned them into my life's work by becoming a Certified Transformational Life and Loss Coach (Southwest Institute of Healing Arts).  I have also served as an Advocate, Speaker, Mentor and Certified Trained Crisis Counselor for organizations such as Peace over Violence, RAINN and Violence Intervention Program, where I have used my voice and own story of child sexual abuse to bring awareness, education and to empower other survivors as well.  

Currently, I am a Grief Support Leader for Our House Grief Support Center here in Los Angeles.  I am also a co-founder of #SOULSHIFT (click to learn more).

Most importantly, I am here to serve YOU, to encourage, to motivate, support and to help you navigate your way through your own challenges, changes, loss, grief or just plain life by starting anew, exploring the new possibilities, unearthing YOUR inner truths, finding your own SOULutions and connecting to who you really are for you to live a fulfilling, meaningful, magical and happy life!! 

I honestly believe YOUR DESTINY IS MY DESTINY! 

I invite you to EMBRACE YOUR DESTINY with me!  Learn more how I can help you and what I offer HERE! 

With Love and Gratitude,


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To learn even more about me, visit my blog page: A DOSE OF DESTINY 

Where I offer my heart, mind and soul sharing my personal stories, inspirations, insights, thoughts, questions, ideas and much more.  


Visit my brother's legacy page! 

This is my brother, Joseph Tobin!  He was (is) my born best friend, singing partner and soulmate!  I miss him more than words could ever describe.  He suddenly passed away two days after his birthday, on January 8th, 2011.  

My brother leaving the earth was singlehandedly the most painful, heart wrenching loss of my life.  It broke me.  There is so much I could say, but to learn about me you would have to learn about him, as he was my other half.  

It would mean the world to me for you to visit his legacy page here: JOSEPH’S DESTINY.    It is a part of MY destiny to continue his destiny by sharing his music, heart and soul.  

Everything I do in this lifetime is in dedication and honor of him, 1/6/77 - 1/8/11.


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