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Whether you are seeking change or it has been forced upon you, starts, transitions, endings and loss can be difficult, uncertain, scary…and sometimes downright painful.  Our journey to living our "destiny" can challenge us in so many ways throughout our life… maybe what you thought you always wanted you don’t anymore or you are still trying to find your “life purpose”, or you feel stuck, or you want change but unsure how, maybe you are shifting careers, relocating, or lost your job, going through a break up or divorce…OR…grieving the tragic death of someone you love. 

Although, everyone's journey is uniquely their own, I can honestly say, I understand.  I have personally experienced all the above and then some... (you can read more about my story here).  




  • I can help you navigate your way through life no matter what stage you are in. 
  • I can help you move forward with grace, courage, confidence and clarity. 
  • I can help you redefine yourself, see things in a new light, say things you have been afraid to say, set new goals, cope with changes and/or loss and take inspired action for you to TRANSFORM your life to one of meaning, purpose and fulfillment. 
  • I can help you REWRITE your story and be the author of your DESTINY! 
  • I can help you discover your own truth and light that will illuminate your path and open you up to the SOULutions, opportunities, blessings, healing and awakenings YOUR Destiny is calling you towards. 

We do that TOGETHER and I will hold you accountable to make sure you follow through for yourself! I honestly believe, YOUR DESTINY IS MY DESTINY! 


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I offer 3 areas of service, LIFE, TRANSITION OR LOSS COACHING. We all experience a myriad of life stages that affect several areas of our lives, personal, professional, spiritual, emotional, relational, financial, physical etc...  Sometimes they are joyful and other times heartbreaking.  Sometimes we initiate change, other times we are handed the unexpected. 

Depending on where you find yourself currently, I can help you move through the many seasons of your life.  Ultimately, it is all LIFE Coaching, which is about forward movement, but with the focus on either initiating change (LIFE), moving with change that is happening or has already happened (TRANSITION) or processing and grieving the death of a loved one with hope and healing. (LOSS)

So, no matter if you are seeking to change your life or find new ways to deal with how life has suddenly changed yours, we can do it together!


See what others have to say about working with me!  Read personal testimonials....or as I like to say, DESTIMONIALS from clients that offer their love and praise.  

It warms my heart to know I have been able to offer my heart, intuition, transformational coaching skills and insight to serve and help people live their fullest, happiest, truest lives while finding hope, truth, healing, clarity and direction. 

I believe with all my heart it is MY DESTINY to help others on the path to their Destiny.


Visit my blog, A DOSE OF DESTINY where I share my heart, mind and soul with my personal stories, thoughts, insights, lessons and inspirations about everything from spirituality, grief, life, loss, heartache and love!

I personally have had many starts, stops, in betweens, ups and downs throughout my life.  It is an honor to share my experiences and journey with you.